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Business name: A.D.S. Acier Duval Steel division JD Welding Inc.
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Alfred-Plantagenet
Number of employees: 2

5888 County Road 17, Plantagenet, ONTARIO K0B 1L0
Phone: 613-673-4574
Toll-free: 1-866-831-5722

Contact: Nathalie Duval
Job title: Administration
Email: info@adsindustries.com
Website: www.adsindustries.com

Family business since 1990 in the sale and fabrication of aluminum materials, stainless steel and steel. Cage manufacturer for propane tank distribute across Canada. Visit our website www.adsindustries.com for more details on the products and service as well as our equipment.

Business name: AC Embroidery Plus
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Russell

2063 Groves Rd., Russell, ONTARIO K4R 1E5
Phone: 613-445-1378

Contact: Alison Finlayson
Email: acembroideryplus@bell.net
Cell phone: 613-227-2383
Website: acembroideryplus.com

Business name: Beau's All Natural Brewery
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

10 Terry Fox Drive, Vankleek Hill, ONTARIO K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-2799
Toll-free: 1-866-585-2337

Email: ohyeah@beaus.ca
Website: www.beaus.ca

We brew interesting, award-winning, tasty beers using the highest quality, all natural ingredients

Business name: Elpa Manufacturing Ontario Inc.
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

2165 Ste Anne Rd., Box 320, L'Orignal, ONTARIO K0B 1K0
Phone: 613-675-2326
Fax: 613-675-2934

Contact: Carl Hungerbuehler
Website: www.elpa.ca

Business name: Ferblanterie Brisson Sheet Metal
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Russell
Number of employees: 1

14 Ryan Court, Embrun, ONTARIO
Phone: 613-443-0441

Contact: Norman Philippe Brisson
Job title: Owner
Email: christinemarionbrisson@gmail.com
Cell phone: 613-791-5134

Manufacturing and installation of heating piping

Business name: Ferme Skotidakis Farm
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Hawkesbury Est

185 County Rd. 10, Saint-Eugène, ONTARIO K0B 1P0
Phone: 613-674-3183
Fax: 613-674-318

Email: information@skotidakis.com
Website: www.skotidakis.com

Greek yogurt, Feta cheese, Ricotta cheese and various cow and goat's milk roducts

Business name: Foam Geometrix
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

27 Terry Fox Dr., Box 389, Vankleek Hill, ONTARIO K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-5111
Fax: 613-678-5110

Contact: Keith Chisholm
Website: www.foamgeometrix.ca

Business name: Fromagerie St Albert Cheese
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: La Nation

150 st-Paul St., Saint-Albert, ONTARIO K0A 3C0
Phone: 613-987-2872
Toll-free: 1-800-465-1553

Email: info@fromage-st-albert.com
Website: http://fromagestalbert.com

Fresh curds and cheddar cheese, medium, old and extra old cheddar, all made from 100% pure milk.

Business name: Garden Path Homemade Soap
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

284 Pleasant Corner Rd. E., Vankleek Hill, ONTARIO K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-7298

Contact: Tara MacWhirter

Director of Sales and Marketing
Business name: Green Beaver
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Hawkesbury
Number of employees: 15

760, rue Tupper St., Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K6A 3H2
Phone: 613-632-1899
Fax: 613-632-1860

Contact: Jean-Martin Lortie
Job title: Director of Sales and Marketing
Email: clerk@greenbeaver.com
Website: www.greenbeaver.com

From pesticides to organic With both our science degrees and our years working in the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries, we had well-founded concerns about the chemicals used in personal care products. Our son, Joshua gave us the inspiration to develop safe, natural personal care products. Like most babies, Joshua was always drinking the bubbles in his bath water ! We were shocked to discover how many personal care products were filled with chemical preservatives, fragrances, synthetic foaming agents, many chemicals in personal care products for our own well-being. We both left the chemical industry and turned our lives around starting by formulating products without the use of chemicals. That was the beginning of The Green beaver company. From our family to yours, we are proud to bring you wholesome, healthy personal care products that are safe and effective for you, your family and our environment. Sincerely, Karen and Alain

Business name: Hawkesbury Tool
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

2054 County Rd. 4, Box 3, Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K6A 2R2
Phone: 613-675-2828
Fax: 613-675-2860

Contact: Guy Brunette
Email: info@hawkesburytool.com
Website: www.hawkesburytool.com

Business name: Helitrade Inc.
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

18 Terry Fox Dr., Box 162, Vankleek Hill, ONTARIO K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-3027
Fax: 613-678-2776

Contact: Gerald Tom
Email: helitrad@hawk.igs.net
Website: www.helitradesinc.com

Business name: Héro Trophées Enrg.
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Hawkesbury

, Hawkesbury, ONTARIO
Phone: 613-632-8310
Fax: 613-632-2443

Contact: Anne Giroux
Job title: Owner
Email: hero2@bellnet.ca
Website: www.herotrophee.ca

Engraving, trophies, medals

Business name: Higginson Powders Inc
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

2708 Hwy 34 , Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K6A 2R2
Phone: 613-632-9300
Fax: 613-632-5666

Contact: Andrew Higginson
Email: higginsonpowders@on.aibn.com
Website: www.higginsonpowders.com

Business name: Hilltech Canada (Food Ingredient Manufacturing)
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

249 Main St. E., Vankleek Hill, ONTARIO K0B 1R0
Phone: 613-678-6693
Fax: 613-678-6731

Contact: Theodore Davidson
Email: info@hilltech.ca
Website: www.hilltech.ca

Business name: IKO
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Hawkesbury

1451 Spence ave., Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K6A 3T4
Phone: 613-632-8581
Toll-free: 1-800-267-0185
Fax: 613-632-1369

Website: www.iko.com

Business name: IMI Manufacturing
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

2056 County Rd. 4, Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K0B 1K0
Phone: 613-675-1208
Fax: 613-632-2681

Email: info@imimanufacturing.com
Website: www.imimanufacturing.ca

Business name: Ivaco Rolling Mills Ltd.
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Champlain

1040 County Rd. 17, L'Orignal, ONTARIO K0B 1K0
Phone: 800-463-7637
Toll-free: 1-800-567-9036

Email: info@ivacorm.com
Website: www.ivacorm.com

Business name: Les Armoires Séguin
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Alfred-Plantagenet

505 St Philippe St., Alfred, ONTARIO K0B 1A0
Phone: 613-673-4332
Fax: 613-679-4788

Contact: Linda Séguin
Email: lindaseguin@lesarmoiresseguin.com
Website: www.lesarmoiresseguin.com

With twelve years of experience in the business, Seguin Cabinets devotes itself manufacturing and installing many different custom made projects. Kitchen cabinets are not our unique speciality; we also make bathroom vanities, furniture, wall units, closet organizers, fire place mantles, and a range of ornamental paneling and mouldings. There is no such thing as a too big or too small project. We offer different type of products (wood, thermoplastic, etc.) in order to fit in everyone’s budget. Our team is put together with experienced cabinetmakers, painters and skilled installers. Each member of our team is working meticulously and professionally to ensure that your dream project becomes reality. Seguin Cabinets a symbol of quality, beauty and durability.

Business name: Microbrasserie Cassel Brewery
Category: Manufacturing
Municipality: Casselman
Number of employees: 7

715 Prinipale St., Casselman, ONTARIO K0A 1M0
Phone: 613-369-4394

Contact: Mario Bourgeois
Job title: Co-owner
Email: beer@casselbrewery.ca
Website: www.casselbrewery.ca

Small craft brewery offering different flavors.

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