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Projects Coordinator
Business name: Académie entrepreneuriale de Prescott et Russell
Category: Management of companies and enterprises
Municipality: Alfred-Plantagenet
Number of employees: 3

31 St-Paul Street, Office 237, P.O. 449, Alfred, ONTARIO K0B 1A0
Phone: 613-679-0001 poste 201
Fax: 613-679-0002

Contact: Judith Barbarie
Job title: Projects Coordinator
Email: judith.barbarie@entrepreneurpr.ca
Website: entrepreneurpr.ca

The Prescott and Russell Entrepreneurial Academy is a non-profit organization that offers the greater benefits of coaching and mentoring, as well as training programs, thus providing support for kick-starting a business and for implementing innovative ideas to existing businesses to the region’s entrepreneurs. The creation of the Academy, incorporated in May 2013, stems from the Prescott-Russell Economic Development Plan, which became public in 2011. The Academy was set up to manage the ecoLarose Centre’s progamming and services when the centre will be established. Its main partner is the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation. It is also supported by the United Counties of Prescott & Russell, the Eastern Ontario Training Board, the Collège d'arts appliqués et de technologie La Cité (College for Applied Arts and Technology), and Guelph University, Alfred Campus.

Business name: Chiffrerie et impôt Laur-ianne
Category: Management of companies and enterprises
Municipality: Hawkesbury
Number of employees: 3

1 Main St. E., Suite 224, Hawkesbury, ONTARIO K6A 1A1
Phone: 613.632.0888

Job title: OWNER

Establish since 1985, we are offering : - Bookkeeping - Payroll Management - Inventory Management - Remittance reports - Forms completion - Income Statement - Intermediary with the tax authorities - Support for directors and owners