EDISO - Mandate and Missions

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The Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation is a support agency for local economic development in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. A team of professionals offers its services in the following four areas:

     Consulting and financial support for businesses

     Support for community projects and initiatives

     Support for development and access to training

     Promotion of local economic development


The main objective of the Community Development Corporation is to maintain and create jobs. Through an investment fund, we offer high-risk funding to small and medium-sized businesses in the form of loans, loan guarantees and share capital. We support and encourage all job creation and enhancement initiatives.

     The objectives of the Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation are as follows:

     Stimulate job creation by supporting existing businesses and the development of new ones

     Stimulate entrepreneurship in Prescott-Russell

     Promote the development of employment, education and training

The Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization sponsored by FedDev (Ontario) through the Community Futures Development program. The Corporation is managed by a volunteer board of directors representing the business, education and agricultural sectors.


The EDISO Investment Fund aims to solve the economic challenges of each region and strenghten regional successes in order to foster sustainable growth in minority offical language communities and promote the development of new expertise in innovation, diversification of economic activities and partnerships, as well as increased support for samll and medium businesses.  

The EDISO Investment Fund is designed to participate in activities that will strenghten the foundation, sustainability and economic competitiveness of francophone communities in southern Ontario, or meet the identified needs and economic growth of specific industrial sectors operating in the francophone community.  

The EDISO Investment Fund is dedicated to francophone entrepreneurs and businesses located in southern Ontario (including rural and urban areas). 

The EDISO Investment Fund offers access to entrepreneurial loans to francophone entrepreneurs, up to $30 000, in partnership with the Fondation franco-ontarienne. 

The EDISO Investment Fund has, under the authority of the Board of Directors, the objective of the investment fund is to create and maintain permanent and part time employment opportunities in the region by providing new and existing businesses a source of financing that has a flexible repaying structure.