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Business and industry

Services and information

Business grants and financing

Grants, loans, private and public sector financing and leveraging personal assets.

Business taxes

Income tax, GST/HST, payroll, business numbers and customs rates.

Doing business with government

Selling to the federal government, buying from the government and selling to other governments.

Federal corporations

Incorporating or making changes to a business corporation, not-for-profit, cooperative or board of trade.

Hiring and managing employees

Payroll, wages and other resources for recruiting, training and managing employees.

Insolvency for business

Help for businesses when filing for bankruptcy or making a proposal.

Intellectual property and copyright

Protecting your intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and using intellectual property as a business tool.

International trade and investment

Exporting, importing and investing in Canada and foreign markets.

Maintaining your business

Managing your business operations, strategic and financial planning, marketing, growth and more.

Permits, licences and regulations

The permits, licences and regulations that apply to your business.

Protecting your business

Emergency plans, risk management, insurance, legal issues and more.

Research and business intelligence

Industry sector data, financial benchmarks, labour trends and business statistics.

Research and development and innovation

Funding, collaboration, commercialization and licensing resources to help fuel innovation

Starting a business

The steps to consider before operating a business in Canada.