Women Entrepreneurs - About WEP

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  New FREE online training platform for women entrepreneurs!  
Enhance small business development;
Help women entrepreneurs identy/implement measurable development and growth actions;
Develop and increase entrepreneurial knowledge to women entrepreneurs through personalized virtual training;
Promote virtual collaboration among all women entrepreneurs;
Offer virtual business coaching and best peer practices;
Leverage technology to support information exchange/learning opportunities to compensate for lack of density in regions;
Because women entrepreneurs in Eastern Ontario can sometimes be physically isolated - virtual networking, match making and mentorship will create the efficiency of being able to access assitance at anytime from anywhere.

What's offered
Access to a community of female entrepreneurs igniting their passion;
Virtual and face-to-face business planning, mentorship and seminars/webinars;
Virtual collaboration among all program members;
Online resources to assist you in starting, maintaining and growning a succesful business.

Must be a female entrepreneur 18 years or older;
Planning to start a new full-time (30 + hours per week) business or in operation for less than 4 months;
Sole proprietor or partnership structure.  For partnerships, the majority owner must provide required documents (if needed) and is responsible for executing the terms of the agreements.

To sign up
There is no financial commitment, it's free to join;
If you are interested in this program, your first step is to get in touch with the coordinator of this program (please see below)

Contact information
Sarah-Anne Beaulne, Projects Coordinator
Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation
519 Main St. E.
Hawkesbury ON, K6A 1B3
Cell: 613.872-3037

Suzanne Hocquard, Projects Officer
Prescott-Rusell Community Development Corporation
519 Main St. E.
Hawlesbury ON, K6A 1B3
613.632.0918 EXT 204
Cell:  613.677.4722