REOII - Application Form

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For the application

Application form - PDF format (For reference.  Only the online version will be accepted)

For the claims



For the application

Application form - online

Project budget

Financial statements (for the most recent two fiscal year-end – if applicable) & Year to date in-house financial statements

Business Registration, Articles of Incorporation or Letters Patent

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) most recent Notice of Assessment 

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) most recent Notice of Assessment

Municipal Taxes most recent Notice of Assessment

For Not-for-profit - Resolution of Council or Board Motion and list of Board Members

Request For Proposal (RFP) – Projects that involve hiring a consultant must provide an RFP for the recruitment and hiring of the consultant  (if applicable)

2 Quotes for items to be purchased or services provided (if applicable) (NOTE: consultants and purchases must be from an at arms-length supplier to be eligible)

Training course outline or course information (if applicable)

Job Description for new hire (if applicable)

Letters of Support of partners (if applicable)

For the claims

Claim form (3 tabs)

Mid-term report

Final report 



Any questions or concerns regarding the application process and eligibility requirements may be directed to:

John Candie, Executive Director
Prescott-Russell Community Development Corporation
519 Main Street East
Hawkesbury, ON K6A 1B3
T: 613-632-0918 x 203